Work In Process

Here you will see my upcoming MUGEN projects and track their progress.

UPDATE 3 (1/6/2016): I have currently paused development of my project and exploring new ideas. Development will resume once I have a clear idea of what I am going to do. I am also waiting for certain characters to be released. Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE 2 (7/5/2016): Due to hardware conflicts I am unable to work with MUGEN 1.1. This means that my next project will be made with MUGEN 1.0. It is a bit unfortunate, because I was looking forward into working with .png files, but MUGEN 1.0 is the most stable version and I don't have to compromise in quality.

UPDATE 1: I have started working on a new MUGEN project. I am keeping it private for now as I am having some difficulties working with MUGEN 1.1. Once I am past these difficulties development of the game should go smoothly and I will have posted first screenshots by then.
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