You Should Play Boktai On Your Smartphone

This underrated gem will make you go outside.

Do you like Pokemon Go? Do you like going outside to play a game? Then Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand is just the game for you. It was first released in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance, but thanks to emulators you can experience the game at it's full potential on your smartphone. So what is so special about this game? Continue reading to find out!
The Game Boy Advance era was not a time of innovation. Most of the developers stayed true to what they knew when bringing their games to the system, and except a few memorable titles that had their roots on the GBA, most other games were copies of their counterparts on home consoles. The same does not hold true for Boktai. The game was designed by Hideo Kojima, the mastermind behind the Metal Gear Solid series and has "innovation" written all over it. In-game you play as Django, a vampire hunter who wants to live in his father's footsteps. Django's gun, the Gun Del Sol, is powered by real sunlight. You see? The game's cartridge came affixed with a highly accurate solar sensor that measure the ambient amount of sunlight and incorporates these readings into the actual gameplay. So you can use “real sunlight” to kill “virtual vampires”. If you are thinking this is as cool as it sounds you’re absolutely right.

The solar sensor measures the available sunlight and sends that data to the game in real time. Your in-game solar energy meter will refill at a variable rated determined by the light conditions while you are playing Boktai. Solar energy is used in the game to power your Solar Gun, your primary weapon against vampires and other evil creatures as well as the Pile Driver.
Light also affects the game environments and often the way the gameplay unfolds. Some creatures will actually hide in the dark shadows under bright light conditions and you may have to temporarily cover your solar sensor to make them come out long enough to kill them.
Boktai also has an internal real-time clock that will update the in-game environments to match your real-world playing time.
But... The title said you can play it on a smartphone!

Yes, that's right. Smartphones have an ambient light sensor as well, but there are a few things you need to do.

1. Download My Boy! Free emulator on the store.
2. Download Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand ROM - Click HERE
3. Extract the .zip file
4. Go to the emulator's options. Select "Input", then "Cartridge Features", then "Solar emulation by" and select "Device's light sensor"
5. You are done. Open ROM with emulator and enjoy.
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